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Hello, my welcome eVisitor

I'm so glad you're here. I hope you'll find we're on the same wavelength, sharing a desire to gain insight into how life works in the normal everyday. And also how everything is shifting, like never before. 

The consciousness is rising and we're all in this together. What is going on?

We can't help but be central to our own life experience. This is true for every person on the planet. Wouldn't you love to understand more about the workings of your own unique self? Wouldn't you like to have an understanding that's deeper, broader and higher of our world, our shared reality, and the fascinating ways that life plays out around you? 

I've set up michelebolitho.com for sharing ideas with you through my blog 'See more, Be more Free more'. Please feel free to add comments and maybe make suggestions for other subjects to discuss.

This website is also a place to promote my books, which I'd also love to know your thoughts on. My first eBook 'I am an onion. Should I peel?' was published on 10-10-2017. You can buy the eBook here from Amazon US, where it's also available in hardback, or from Amazon in your own country. I have many more short eBooks, just waiting in the wings.

I invite you to join my mailing list to receive news of my latest creations. In appreciation, I'll send you a relaxation audio I recorded some time ago, with my friend and master ambient musician, Dr Alan Hinde. We've called it 'Time Out for Ten'. This enjoyable audio experience has literally been used by thousands to take time out and slip easily into the slower brain-state of alpha. You'll return to normal everyday activity, feeling relaxed, feeling refreshed and feeling good.

Now we've met, let's stay connected

With love beyond measure,

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