Michele Bolitho, Self-Understanding and Everyday Enlightenment
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Meet Michele

February 2019


I am an Australian writer and speaker on self-realisation, ever delighting in learning more. This is where my future is coming to fruition. ‘Isn’t that glad?!’ as my little son used to say.

I was a counselling and consulting psychologist for many years. I was granted full membership of the Australian Psychological Society way back in 1972, before I had four children. After fourteen years of at-home mothering, I set up my own practice and seminar centre Open Mind, in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. I specialised in stress management and optimal personal well-being. I closed my practice after eleven years to write full-time.

MB and Wayne D.jpg modifiedIn my understanding of self-realisation, spirituality is an essential element. It’s an element which has always been present in everything I write. I've recently expanded the concept of Self-realisation into Self-understanding and Everyday enlightenment.

As a  writer and speaker, I am passionate about language and its insightful development and evolution over time. I have post-graduate qualification in Psychology and in my graduate degree, I majored in English.

I have lectured and tutored at the University of Canberra. I’ve had a weekly segment as ‘Our Favourite Psychologist’ on local radio and have written a weekly newspaper column.

I am an Expert Author with Ezine @rticles on line.

close-up for itkI have worked as a consultant for many government departments, commercial companies and community organisations in Australia, presenting seminars and workshops in various areas of personal interaction and well-being, such as communication skills and creativity.

I live in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory with my husband. We live in a nice house in a beautiful big romantic garden. Sometimes there are weddings in our garden (called The Heart Garden). I have been a civil marriage celebrant for over twenty years. It’s my privilege and my pleasure.